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PAF is a genealogy program useful to help you store family history records
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chekwriter Have been using 5.1 since it ever came out. No real problems, just my computers have been having problems, not enough memory on them.. It works for me for being a non LDS researcher.

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Kay Because I have used it for years and it has been marvellous but something has gone wrong with my copy and I need it for my 30000 names I have recorded.

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Wolfgang van der Grinten Where can I download PAF 5?

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Peter M S Where can I get Personal Ancestral File?

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Gerald Hofer The only genealogy program I have used and still love it. So simple and easy to use. So happy it is still available on the Internet for a free download. Please keep it available online.

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drifter Can you tell me where PAF 5.2 is still available on the Internet as a free download? Thank you.

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RANGANATHARAOKANUGOVI It's very good to save our family data.

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Guest Will PAF 5.2 accept Gedcom files createded in PAF 4 and PAF 5.1? If someone can answer this question, it will help me make up my mind about which program to get.

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Guest When you downloaded this program, did it change your computer? It asks if it can make changes to my computer. I just bought my computer and don't want to have problems right off the start! I Loved PAF 5.1 and use it all the time. I wanted to download it to the new computer so I could continue using the program, but have reservations. What has your experience been with downloading the program?

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Guest PAF 5.2 is one the best programs I have used. Better than Ancestry or FTM, and I am surprised that a newer version wasn't released from the IDS Church Family History center. AQ along with the What The Genealogist Wanted made a great program.

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Senen Aotriz This program is the simplest, quickest way to fill out.

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Miriam Nesbit I'm quite familiar with PAF, having had it on a computer in the past. It's a great program.

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Guest Easy to use and navigate. There is no spell check/

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Guest This program is great for getting family members "temple ready" on paper, from home!

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